Sample Curation

The Open University has an extensive collection of extraterrestrial materials. These are kept within a purpose-built curatorial facility, comprising a suite of clean rooms that contains secure storage cabinets and lockable safes. The curatorial facility also contains clean-air benches and weighing rooms.

One of my responsibilities is to curate this important collection. In recent years this has involved the development of a new sample database.

The Open University meteorite collection comprises two main elements: (1) a research collection, consisting mainly of samples of material obtained for research purposes, and (2) hot and cold desert meteorite samples that were principally obtained as part of the EUROMET initiative.

Below is a selection of images of the extraterrestrial samples curatorial facilities.

The main meteorite clean room at the Open University.

Chondrite samples held in the research collection.

Sartorious balance mounted on pneumatic table within dedicated laminar flow cabinet


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