Public Engagement and Media


As a result of our recent work on the Moon-forming Giant Impact,  I took part in the 2017 BBC Sky At Night programme “Return to the Moon“. In 2013, following the fall of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, I worked with Pioneer Productions on their Channel 4 documentary “”Meteor Strike” This film was subsequently screened to a wide international audience, in particular by NOVA on the US Public Broadcasting Service.

I have worked extensively with national media organisations, both as an expert presenter and in a technical advisory role. “Front of camera” television work has included BBC Star Gazing Live, BBC Sky at Night, Sky News and the Channel 4 documentary “Meteor Strike”. I have taken part in a wide range of broadcast radio interviews. I was extensively involved in helping the New Scientist Editor Roger Highfield organise their successful meteorite competitions in 2009 and 2011.

I am in charge of the Open University’s Outreach Meteorite Collection and both developed and maintain the associated “Open Meteorites” website. As a result of the positive feedback we have received using real meteorite specimens to enthuse the general public about space-related science I devised the project ”Catch A Shooting Star” which received funding from STFC in 2014 and is currently being implemented in association with the Manchester Museum. Current progress and further information is available on the website “Catch a Shooting Star“.

For the past five years I have maintained an outreach blog aimed at a general readership entitled: “Meteorites: The Blog from the Final Frontier”.


The Outreach Meteorite Collection is in constant demand and provides a valuable resource to support the Open University’s teaching and public engagement activities.